Thursday, March 06, 2008

Ava's 1st Birthday

Here is Ava with her dad. She is all smiles, all the time!

Looks like someone just started her modeling career.

Ava is in her high chair with her very own cake.

It's her party, and she can destroy the cake if she wants too...and she did!

The paparazzi line up.

Mom sits back and watches.

This is Ava's big brother, Caleb. He was very shy of my camera at first.

After I helped him fix his train we were buddy buddy.

He really wanted me to take a picture of his train...of course I couldn't say no.

I am not sure how she knew, but once people started putting on their coats and getting ready to leave, she blocked the front door so nobody would leave her party. Kids can be so smart! ;)

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