Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Jamie, Kim, & Owen

Sunday afternoon, we had a wonderful time at the Hamm's home photographing this family of three.

Owen's personality has really blossomed since the last time we saw him this summer. It's so amazing to see when such a tiny person already have personality traits coming through. Owen has so much personality at the ripe age of 10 months old. There is nothing shy about this little man who seems to really enjoy rap music.

These MU superfans, Jamie and Kim are real excited about the big MU/KU game at Arrowhead this weekend. Kim jokes around that she probably won't completely disown Owen if he ever decides to go to KU. :O)

He really enjoyed the different holiday ornaments, but Owen was happiest when in his mommy & daddy's arms and interacting with people.


Wearing socks really isn't his thing.

I find it so cute that the only thing that would relieve Owen's collick earlier this year, was "Walk it Out" and "This is Why I'm Hot". So full of life, Owen bee-lines for the camera lens.

A family portrait in front of the result of one of Jamie's hobby - chopping firewood.

Daddy's other hobby is playing pool.
Owen really loved pounding the balls into the table.
He had to be pulled away from the table, as the clacking echoed through the house.

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