Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Honeymoon

Right before Christmas, Holly and I got to finally take our honeymoon. When we left Kansas City, it was about 7 we were very ready to go to Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

This was our hotel in Cancun. It was pretty deserted and felt like we had the place to ourselves, it was awesome.

We loved the beds near the beach...the frozen drinks didn't hurt either ;)

h+p+beach = the best

Self portrait with my underwater camera. I was happy that I finally got to use it in water...I had it for about 4 months before it got wet.

This was a cool restaurant and lounge that was in a cave in Playa del Carmen.  But it was horrendously hot. Only about a story below street level so it did not have much of a natural cooling effect.

I love this photo of a dog that was rummaging through the trash on the street.  Didn't even growl at us.

We spent a lot of the time at the resort in Playa.


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A Savage Holiday

One of my close friends (Mr. Savage) had an ugly sweater themed holiday party so I brought my camera and took some quick photos.

Mike has some awesome hair that can be styled with ease...makes me jealous that I have such short hair.


We tamed the cups and made them into nice hats.  You can't get the full effect of my 'ugly' sweater in this picture, but it was ridiculously shrunken.  It is wool and was washed/put in the dryer. Once it came out of the dryer, it looked like it was made for my 6 year old niece ;)

Mike and Amanda are doing some test shots for the Mustache Bash in the next couple weeks. Pictures of that awesomeness will be posted soon ;)

Mr. Savage took a right jab from Keith...I guess Keith didn't like the cheese tray or something.

It was a fun time and a nice way to end all of the normal holiday commotion.

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Friday, January 29, 2010

Mosaic | DJ Cheapshot

DJ Cheapshot had a killer set last week.  It was a themed night, Martini's and Mustaches...I had a nice white trash mustache going on ;)

Here is a video of the night...turn up your volume and fullscreen the video ;)

Mosaic | DJ Cheapshot from Patrick Binder on Vimeo.

You can view the photos from the night by clicking here.

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mosaic | Grand Re-Opening

Quite frequently I shoot photography at clubs.  I shoot the people, I shoot the DJs...heck, I even shoot myself from time to time...that's the problem with carrying a loaded weapon ;)  Last week I shot at Mosaic Lounge 3 days in a row.  They recently remodeled and these photos are from their Grand Re-Opening on Thursday.  This is a stop motion video I put together from that is my first go at this type of video. More like it to come.

This is Claude...I see him from time to time and we have a standing pact to always take a photo together.

I love this shot.  Nick is in the background making some weird face and Cali and Claude look like they are about to put the gloves on and fight ;)

Don't fight can't hide from the camera...

Sometimes people I don't know randomly want a photo with me...I am happy to oblige.

If you can't read it...DJ Spinstyles played a Pants on the Ground made my night. IF you haven't seen General Larry Platt's American Idol audition, check it out here.

Okay okay...I really like taking photos of myself with people.  This is Brittany...she works at Mosaic some nights but she does awesome work for the fabulous Hufft Projects (they are a Leed Certified architecture company.)

When Eugene tells you to take your skully take your skully off ;)

 If you ever see me shooting at a club or any event, don't be afraid to say hi...we can always take a picture together ;)

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I'm in the INK Magazine!

Well...that's not me, but that is my photo from a wedding I shot last year.  It was Brooke + William's wedding at the Downtown Library.  Brooke said that she "had attended too many weddings that seemed exactly the same" and that they "really wanted to do something more unique."  Holly and I had the same sentiments from shooting so many weddings that we also wanted (and had) a unique wedding for ourselves. 

My favorite detail from the wedding was their programs which I talked about on my blog post. If you want to read the article online, you can read it on INK's website.

Here's a funny side note on how I found out that I was in the magazine.  I was at Kdog Photographers talking with Rachel.  An INK sales rep stopped by and gave Rachel a couple copies of the new issue.  It was a bridal issue and when thumbing through it, I saw a photo of a couple at the library dancing on the checkerboard floor.  Kdog has a photo of a couple on that checkerboard during the daytime and asked if it was their photo because it looked so familiar (plus I love their photo of that).  I then said wait, that's my photo (the photo was at night)...they are ALL my photos!  We both just started to laugh.  I was never contacted about my photos being used for the issue, but it was a happy surprise to see them.

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