Tuesday, March 11, 2008

KC Etsy (March First Friday, 2008)

For those of you who do not know about Etsy, it is an online marketplace for buying and selling all things hand made. The local chapter of Etsy artists, KC Etsy, had their second show during First Fridays. This was my first time attending and I found a lot of the art, jewelry, and clothing pretty darn cool. You will find links to each of the artist's respective Etsy shops below.

This is Rachel from Sudlow Jewelery and she has some of the coolest jewelry. My favorite piece was her peas in a pod. Looking through my photos, I unfortunately did not get a picture of the pea pods....but you can see them on her Etsy site!

OH WAIT...you can sort of see a pea pod in the bottom right! ;) I also like the necklace that is a rain cloud with a water drop.

Oh my, did this cute little baby have a power grip...would not let go of my finger to save my life ;)

This is Nicole from Ni-Chern Designs. She makes awesome handbags and uses some cool fabric.

These are the beads from Genea Beads. She had very vibrant beads and rings.

I love the yellow bead in the top right of the photo. It is very bold and vibrant.

I also love the flower in the bottom left as it is super colorful.

These are some pottery pieces by Cindy. This is my favorite piece of hers as the orange and blue contrast very nicely.

Karen from Karen Kay Artworks had some cute oragami chinese take out boxes that she made.

The event was in the back of the Shiraz restaurant in the Crossroads District.

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