Tuesday, March 30, 2010

I Love Some Spring

Winter makes me hate the outdoors and that if I am outside for 10 minutes, I lose feeling in my toes.  But once Spring hits, those worries are gone.  I can stand outside sans coat.  Well, expect for the first day of Spring this year.  Kansas City did have a freak snowstorm and we got about a foot of show.  It happens...I guess.  Another reason I like Spring more than Summer is because I can go outside and not unwillingly donate my blood to mosquitoes.  I loathe those annoying little things.
And another reason I love some Spring...I get to fire my grill back up.  You'd think I was a carnivore after my dinner tonight.  Dinner consisted of steak, chicken, and hamburger.  Well, I did consume a small amount of fruits and vegetables (pineapple and grilled onions).  Holleigh loves it when I grill because I smell like hickory smoke.  Here's to many more grillin' days...let's hope it doesn't rain too much!

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