Thursday, February 25, 2010

Shotguns and Mustaches

I have wanted to post these photos for SOOOOO long.  I told the boys that I would wait until they ordered the prints and hung them in the loft before releasing them to the public.  20 or so prints and a big ol' canvas have all been framed and hung, so I can now post this epic portrait session.



And a quick story about how I was first contacted to shoot this.  I received an email that said they wanted portraits of 3 guys in the West Bottoms and they wanted a black & white wall print 50 inches across.  I asked if they were in a they weren't.  I asked if they had an idea for the photos...mustaches, black turtlenecks, and coffee mugs.  At this point, I thought I was going to get jumped in the West Bottoms and taken for all my camera gear.  Turns out, I knew one of the guys and it all made sense [this very much so fit his personality].  They just wanted some crazy portraits for their new loft.  At the last minute they changed from the original idea to Shotguns and Mustaches...a good choice in my opinion ;)

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