Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Shanda + Dan | Wedding

You would think that a couple who has an 11 year-old daughter, 4 year-old daughter, and has seen more ups and downs than the Zambezi Zinger, Orient Express, Timber Wolf, [insert current roller coaster] would be able to hold it together for their ceremony. But nooooooooooooo, my new sister-in-law did the opposite ;) But seriously, no one can doubt the love that these two have for each other after their ceremony. It was very beautiful and reflective of the bride and groom.

My sister is out of frame telling Shanda that it is time to
put down her drink and
walk down the aisle. Shanda, as you can see, is using what we call a "delay tactic". She was nervous as a bug, crying and quite frankly making it hard for me to shoot photos without getting a little choked up.

Here she is again trying her best to prevent me from taking photos ;)

I don't think my brother, Dan, liked me taking his photo so much or he wanted me to see his fresh digs.

Here is my other brother, Andy, as the designated taxi driver.

Isabella is attacking her mother with kisses.

Shanda gently shows me her ring...

Dan shows me his ring and his left jab at the same time.

Dan and Shanda's youngest daughter, Sidney, was demonstrating how to be a Mexican jumping bean. Someone must have slipped her a Red Bull because she was hyper!

And now we see Shanda being attacked by her sister.

The crew...friends since high school.

So frickin adorable!

My sister appears to be laughing at Kim...not with her ;)

Sidney faded into the night and Shanda made sure she went to sleep without any problems.

As the night wore on, some people got tired...

And some people held on, not wanting to go.

Congratulations to Dan and Shanda, may you have a hundred years of happiness!

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