Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Beth + Ryan | Wedding

From the moment I met with Beth, her mom, sister, and friend at Salon Beyond I knew that the day was going to be laid back, fun, and a little crazy. It was a pleasure shooting Beth & Ryan's wonderful day and I know they will have a wonderful life!

Ryan is trying to get a sneak peak at his beautiful bride...can you blame him?

When he popped through the door, Beth's eyes lit up with joy!

We hopped and skipped over to the Nelson-Atkins Museum to take some relaxed portraits.

They did a little practicing for their first dance.

It is always a pleasure to take photos of a couple who make each other laugh and can have a good time while standing around in front of a museum.

This photo happened while I was taking pictures of Beth by herself. Ryan was loving it since he could take a second to relax. I spun around and with no warning, I paparazzi'd him. It turned out to be a great photo. During the reception, Ryan told me he was not used to being the center of attention and people taking so many photos of him. It was obvious to me as earlier in the day I was taking a photo slightly behind and to the side of him to capture him looking at his bride, and he side stepped out of the way when he saw me out of the corner of his eye. And then I side stepped with him as I REALLY wanted to get the photo ;)

I have NO IDEA who these people are with Beth and Ryan, but they REALLY wanted a photo with the bride and groom. I told them that they might want to go to a dermatologist and get their green skin checked out...they said nothing and just stared at me...very odd people ;)

Beth and Ryan rejoiced when the relaxed portraits were finished! I was amazed how high they were able to get off the ground.

Whenever I would go to take this cute girls picture, she would stop smiling. I then discovered she was very ticklish and as you can see, it worked like a charm.

Cossentino's Market in Brookside handled the catering. They did a wonderful job of setting up the tables and they excelled at making my stomach grumble as I watched people fill up their plates with wonderful food ;)

When the party jumped jumped off. From young to old, these people were some dancing fools.

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