Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Jennifer + Matt | eSession

On our way out to meet with Jennifer + Matt for their engagement session shoot, I forgot how much Holleigh and I loved them. Not only did we have a fun time doing some great portraits for them, but as we were leaving the shoot we were really excited to shoot their wedding next month, in exactly one month to be exact. Here, Jennifer + Matt remind everyone what day to mark on their calendars:

It would an understatement to say how much I heart this photo. I really love that people allow me to capture them no matter how uncomfortable they might feel in front of the camera. Matt (as well as most people I photograph) was nervous about being in front of the lens; but as you can see, these two made my job a lot easier by looking so suave ;) Enjoy the rest of the photos of Jennifer + Matt!

I had a great time shooting these two and I can't wait until their big day to see them again!


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