Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Savage Holiday

One of my close friends (Mr. Savage) had an ugly sweater themed holiday party so I brought my camera and took some quick photos.

Mike has some awesome hair that can be styled with ease...makes me jealous that I have such short hair.


We tamed the cups and made them into nice hats.  You can't get the full effect of my 'ugly' sweater in this picture, but it was ridiculously shrunken.  It is wool and was washed/put in the dryer. Once it came out of the dryer, it looked like it was made for my 6 year old niece ;)

Mike and Amanda are doing some test shots for the Mustache Bash in the next couple weeks. Pictures of that awesomeness will be posted soon ;)

Mr. Savage took a right jab from Keith...I guess Keith didn't like the cheese tray or something.

It was a fun time and a nice way to end all of the normal holiday commotion.

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