Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm in the INK Magazine!

Well...that's not me, but that is my photo from a wedding I shot last year.  It was Brooke + William's wedding at the Downtown Library.  Brooke said that she "had attended too many weddings that seemed exactly the same" and that they "really wanted to do something more unique."  Holly and I had the same sentiments from shooting so many weddings that we also wanted (and had) a unique wedding for ourselves. 

My favorite detail from the wedding was their programs which I talked about on my blog post. If you want to read the article online, you can read it on INK's website.

Here's a funny side note on how I found out that I was in the magazine.  I was at Kdog Photographers talking with Rachel.  An INK sales rep stopped by and gave Rachel a couple copies of the new issue.  It was a bridal issue and when thumbing through it, I saw a photo of a couple at the library dancing on the checkerboard floor.  Kdog has a photo of a couple on that checkerboard during the daytime and asked if it was their photo because it looked so familiar (plus I love their photo of that).  I then said wait, that's my photo (the photo was at night)...they are ALL my photos!  We both just started to laugh.  I was never contacted about my photos being used for the issue, but it was a happy surprise to see them.

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