Monday, June 09, 2008

Lindsey + John | Wedding

What a wonderfully relaxed wedding Lindsey + John had! And wonderfully dry. I talked with Lindsey and she was doing the same thing as me the morning of the wedding...constantly checking The Weather Channel to get a status update. Clouds were abound early on but as we got closer to "go time", they magically disappeared. The ceremony and reception both took place on the grounds of the Bingham-Waggoner historical estate and was very beautiful.

As Lindsey got prepared, she peered out the window countless times to see the guests arrive.

If you don't have scissors or a knife...use your teeth to open the bottle!

I love these next two shots!

Lindsey and the flower girl sneak another peek out the window.

John was waiting in the wings before the ceremony started.

The groomsmen are ready to take the party up another notch!

And once someone on the dance floor drops backwards onto one of their hands...the party has officially been taken up a notch.

Lindsey is a woman of many faces...

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*capped at $75...that is 47 Euros or 3,183 Rupees or 7,712 Yen


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