Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Honeymoon

Right before Christmas, Holly and I got to finally take our honeymoon. When we left Kansas City, it was about 7 we were very ready to go to Cancun and Playa del Carmen.

This was our hotel in Cancun. It was pretty deserted and felt like we had the place to ourselves, it was awesome.

We loved the beds near the beach...the frozen drinks didn't hurt either ;)

h+p+beach = the best

Self portrait with my underwater camera. I was happy that I finally got to use it in water...I had it for about 4 months before it got wet.

This was a cool restaurant and lounge that was in a cave in Playa del Carmen.  But it was horrendously hot. Only about a story below street level so it did not have much of a natural cooling effect.

I love this photo of a dog that was rummaging through the trash on the street.  Didn't even growl at us.

We spent a lot of the time at the resort in Playa.


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