Saturday, June 21, 2008

Emily + Matt | eSession

I am not sure where to really START with Emily+Matt, but they sure as heck wouldn't STOP....... laughing, that is! ;) They are one of my favorite types of couples! They make my job so much easier, as I would ask them to stand in a certain spot, and I would walk away and dial in my exposure. They would just talk, talk, talk, and laugh, laugh, laugh which would allow me to shoot, shoot, shoot and get some great photos where their personalities really come through.

We can't see their faces in this photo, but I bet they are laughing! ;)

Emily had some fabulous shoes with a funky pattern and red soles. I can't think of the name of that pattern, but if someone knows, please tell me in the comments will kill me until I remember the name of it!

Emily decided to give us a better view of the awesomeness contained on the bottom of her shoes. Smoking red hot awesomeness!

Here Emily is laughing again ;)

I love this shot...L U V it.

If eyes could speak, Emily's would not whisper, they would speak loud and deliver.

I made a bet with the Emily+Matt...if they could kick my PBP logo, I would shoot the wedding for free. They were OH SO CLOSE, but they were too slow and my logo is too low ;)

I am also taking bets on how many minutes into the ceremony Emily starts laughing! ;) All jokes aside, I can't wait for the wedding as I am sure it will be a great time filled with much joy and happiness.


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